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stone forms the feature point in any design





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The design proses should be as beautiful as the end result

design consultation

Initial Consultation: The process usually begins with a consultation where the client discusses their needs, preferences, and budget with the interior designer. This helps the designer understand the client's vision and requirements for the space.

r1 500

Feed your soul with inspiration


an interior design mood board is the overall look, feel, and style of a design concept for a space. It typically consists of a collage of images, fabric swatches, paint samples, furniture pieces, and other elements that represent the desired aesthetic and mood of the design. The purpose of a mood board is to provide clients and collaborators with a clear understanding of the designer's vision and to guide the direction of the project. It serves as a reference point throughout the design process, helping to ensure that all design decisions align with the desired outcome.

R1500 a room


Procurement of Materials and Furnishings: Once the design is finalized, the designer handles the procurement of materials, furnishings, fixtures, and accessories needed to bring the design to life. This may involve sourcing items from various suppliers and vendors.

RR2500 half day

RR4500 half day

Feed your soul with inspiration

3d renders

Create harmony, emotion and elegance in your space by selecting

from our bespoke range of homeware and soft furnishings.

R90 a sqm

interior design

turnkey interior design offers clients a hassle-free solution for creating beautifully designed and professionally executed spaces, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a fully customized interior without the stress and complexity of managing the process themselves.

Turnkey interior design refers to a comprehensive service where an interior design firm or professional manages the entire process of designing and furnishing a space from start to finish. The term "turnkey" implies that the client only needs to "turn the key" to enter their newly designed space once it's completed, without having to worry about overseeing the various aspects of the design and construction process.

Remember, great design goes beyond appearance – it's about the emotions it evokes.

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Remember, great design goes beyond appearance – it's about the emotions it evokes.

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